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  • Short-term Disability Insurance

  • Long-term Disability Insurance

  • Life Insurance - Term & Whole Life

  • Hospital Insurance

  • Accidental Insurance

  • Cancer Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance


South Coast Benefits PRODUCTS

South Coast Benefits offers a variety of benefit options so you can choose the best fit for your employees.


Accident Insurance: Up to 50% of the costs associated with an accident are non-medical and come out of your pocket in the form of co-pays, deductibles, travel, parking, medications, etc.  Accident insurance pays cash directly to you for accidents, on or off the job, and how you choose to use that money is up to you. Family coverage is available and great if you have young active kids. 4 levels to choose from and Individual coverage starts as low as $4 per week and covers both on and off the job injuries!     


Disability Plan:  If you become sick or injured and can’t work your paychecks will stop but your bills won’t. Disability coverage replaces your lost income, and benefits are paid regardless of any sick or vacation time.  Customized your coverage to fit your income and budget needs. Ask how you can customize your own disability benefit at lower rates.


Life Insurance: Choice of Whole Life, Term and Juvenile policies.  No medical exam necessary. Employees can cover a spouse or a child; Up to $500,000 in coverage available. Accelerated Death Benefit Option; Policies are portable. 


Cancer Insurance: The Risk of cancer in the U.S. is 1 in 2 men, 1 in 3 women – 50% of all US Families will be affected by this disease. Many people don’t realize that being diagnosed with cancer can be financially devastating.  Expenses skyrocket, and if a family member also has to stop working to care for a loved one, the loss of income may be doubled. Cancer insurance helps provide an important safety net in fighting the financial consequences of cancer, and has saved countless families from bankruptcy. 


Hospital Advantage Insurance: Hospital Confinement Plan pays in the event you become hospitalized. It pays $500 up to 2,000 if you are hospitalized. Also you can add additional riders to provide coverage for physician visits, ambulance trips, surgical procedures and more! This plan will also pay you in the event of hospitalization due to pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to the coverage provided by our Short Term Disability Plan! 

Vision: Our plan encourages individuals and their families to be more proactive and preventive about caring for their vision. Most importantly, it takes vision insurance to the next level by paying benefits for eye surgeries, specific eye diseases/disorders, and permanent visual impairment. Vision Correction Benefits of $50, $120, or $210 for materials, such as glasses and contacts. All three options include an Eye Exam Benefit of $35 per covered individual..


Dental Insurance: 3 different options for coverage give you piece of mind to afford Dental treatment for you and your family.  Clearly defined benefits with no deductible – you choose your Dentist. We pay benefits regardless of any other medical coverage and no pre-certification is required. Optional riders also available to give you cash for Orthodontic or Cosmetic treatment as well

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